Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finals Next Week and I am starving

This is the time I usually get real ignorant with it. I feel I can't study without stuffing my face with something. I usually stay in one spot from hours on end, which means in front of the computer. So no kind of exercise. I am so hungry right now. I have been sticking to my diet for.... 3 weeks on Friday. I have had occasional pains for sweets and junk foods, but I just have to ignore it. As soon as my husband comes home I want to eat dinner but he doesn't he eats a late lunch so he wants to eat at 8 and 9 at night. By then I am dying. Like right now I want to sneak off and eat something just so I can be satisfied. When I got on the scale earlier it said I had lost about 10 or 9 give or take. I have to keep going. I want my damn cheek bones back!

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