Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was a BITCH

I was mad enough to kill. A boot was put on my car! A girl who was doing a good deed offered me her parking ticket at school, so I used it as I had on heels and the parking was closer. I was there to be be inducted into the honors society and I knew it would be a quick ceremony. I swear as soon as I walked away, MISTER FUCKING FREEMAN put a boot on my car. I had to pay $112. 25 to get that shit off my car. The bitch ass fucker couldn't even look me in the FACE while he fucking me over. I felt like I was raped, I had no recourse, me not seeing the ticket was non transferable when I used it was useless. He was like I need 112.25 to take it off! I just started crying because there was nothing I could do but pay it. As I write this my chest is hot with anger. There was a moment I wish I had a stun gun because after he took the boot off I would have loved to sting him within an inch of a fucking heart attack!

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