Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diana Ross: Getting Her Afrikkan Dance On

Miss Ross was working it with her skinny self! She is fabulous! A beautiful brown skin sista!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Had a dream

That was disturbing about this certain person. It was not sexual in any way but I think it represented what always irked me about him. I had no emotional control or influence over him and therefore he did as he liked and all I could do was get mad and stew.

I had a dream that he kept throwing a glass and hitting my car and I was yelling at him. As I kept walking closer to him I noticed he had this happy look on his face. I could tell by his eyes he was pissed but his demeanor was nonchalant like he wasn't throwing shit at my car. I began to get afraid as I was confused by his actions like why is he attacking my shit with a smile on his face. I could see the class he was throwing was one of mine and it had a kool aid stain at the bottom so then I remembered that I had previously thrown that glass at him and he was now throwing it back at me when I least expected it and then I really got pissed and started cursing him out.I knew I could'nt physically fight him because he was stronger than me and more fit. I woke myself up from that shit.

Isn't that a crazy dream?? I felt dream raped or something.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My My My

School is going OK I suppose. I have a lot of papers I have to write and I am apprehensive about it. I am not confident in my writings. I know I don't write terribly but academic/scholarly writing is another level. I want to do well. I have been getting all A's since returning to school and a C in something is just not acceptable. Proof-reading is my downfall. I miss things. I give some things to my husband to look over and he doesn't catch everything. I think I had a bad experience in an English class a few years ago and I am shook for life. LOL Ole mean as bastard.

I found out that one of my ex's is getting married and knocked a woman up. They haven't even been dating that long!! It is just weird to see boyfriends from my youth from where I am now in life. I still see them as weak ass fuck ups and they probably still see me as 'the crazy bitch'.

I never thought I would find a husband who is as sweet and caring as he is. I love my husband to death. Nothing makes me feel better than crawling into bed with him. He tries so hard and I am so STIFF BITCH. He is my best friend and trust it isn't lovely all the time but there is no one else I would rather be with. Even though when I married him I got fat. It is harder than a mug to get these 15lbs off-- let me stop 20lbs off. I lose 10 and then bam! Its on me again. Lord why do I love food so much and exercise so little.

I have a friend going through a break up and I am sorry I feel no sympathy for her. I don't have the patience to hand hold a grown ass woman anymore. You break up you move on. Maybe I am more hard core because I have always been in survivor mode. One monkey don't stop no show! You have to keep at it. I would be crushed if my marriage ended but I would not waste energy in trying to sabotage his life. When you break up with someone you should exit stage right with as much dignity as possible. Being a common bitch about something you have no control over is a waste! He don't want you let him go. I really don't even want to fool with her anymore. We are on different levels.

I guess that is enough babbling for now. I wonder does anybody even read this shit!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lordy Lordy

The Master is not pleased with me! We have been on funky ground since Saturday night. I am being bitched face on the sly. You know when you are having issues and every things is just simmering on the surface. Oh well. Like Popeye "I am what I am"

Also Courtney Love is fucking INSANE. I must be a sadist because she clogs up my feed on Twitter with rambling incomprehensible bullshit yet I won't unfollow her. I am intrigued by the crazy. She rambles about how people have stolen money and clothes from her. That people are using her husband's social security number all kinds of drama and none of it makes sense. Someone actually made a twitter account to translate her shit.

Maybe I will get tired of it soon but for now it is amusing me for a little bit.

Also my other mindless escape is Sorority Life some women take it very serious. Here is another interesting article someone posted about Facebook...fairly true..


If I am honest with myself I should notice that this blog is some random bullshit in itself.