Monday, July 4, 2011

I forget to post over here

I swear y'all just need to get on tumblr but I just wanted to say the good news. I finally got a job!!!! After 6 damn months of looking and filling out application. I am back in higher education which is what I wanted. I start work Tuesday! I decided to get right into it. I have had 6 months of keeping vampire hours. Play time is over! I am so happy because I really wanted that job. They offered my job on my birthday! I was so depressed. The call was right on time!! That bitch Sallie Mae was breathing down my throat. What a relief I tell you. There are so many things we have been putting off due to me not having any funds!

How have you guys been?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Master Cleanse

I did that shit for 10 days. I have never fantasized about food like I did those 10 days. I don't know how in the hell people could it for 20 or 40 days. I lost ten pounds that I probably will gain back. I am trying to cut my calories I just need to do the working out part. I can not believe how chunky my black ass got. I suppose I have eating sadness. I feel like such a loser. I made a pact with my friend for us to lose 10 lbs by our bday June 28. I would feel so much better about myself. Shit maybe I should just go sit down somewhere and have some babies.

I'm so stressed

I have been looking for work since January. This year has just sucked but I hate to say that out loud as something worst might happen. I am starting to get student loan payment requests and it makes me break out in a sweat. I owe so much money! Between the loans I had left over from my associates and completing my bachelors. I need 2 damn jobs! I have only had about 4 sit down interviews and all were disappointing. I am trying not to get so sad about it.

I want to flee the country and never come back...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fooling around with make up

Today I decided to do my video for my contest on youtube. I am giving away an apron I made. I requested a vintage look because the apron is kind of vintage in style. I need something to do with my time. Sunday I am shooting a girl in her prom dress. I charged her next to nothing. I really don't have confidence in my photography. I am not really a portrait or fashion photographer. So we will see.

Here is my beat face! The earrings I am wearing are made my Selima, check out her website

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm sewing now

Still no long have I been looking now since I graduated in December? Yes, honey no one wants to hire my black ass. So I have been keeping myself busy. I started sewing again. I haven't sewn since high school. I don't even want to tell you how long ago that was. I am starting out slow. Sometimes the instructions on the patters are so confusing. I have been having to negro rig the waistbands on my aprons. Here is my first sewing project.

It's a vintage styled apron. I think it is cute. I am in the process of sewing another one for a give away on my youtube channel. I am still very much a beginner at this but it is fun and I like to create.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A kicked dog will hollar

I offended a girl today. See I have noticed that there are a lot of internet activists on Tumblr. What they do is find blogs posted by people on Tumblr who may say insensitive or ignorant shit and they reblog it and call them out on it. Then there other activist friends chime in with the intellectual shade and next thing you know your feed is clogged over appropriate terms and non bias language. That is all they do on Tumblr. They are mad about everything. I believe in calling people out on their shit but I won't make that the center of my fucking internet life. Not to generalize, but maybe I am. Most of the people up in arms are people who are young, queer, gay, trans( although that isn't even an acceptable term), fat, disabled, non-white, and female. Basically anybody that isn't white, male and heterosexual.

This one particular girl all she does was social justice troll. And sometimes she reblogs very smart pieces. However, she never posts anything that is pleasant. She does not joke. If she wasn't getting in someone's ass because of the words they chose to use, or their particularly ignorant statements about previously mentioned people, she was posting porn. Yes, porn, she gets all riled up about marry, fuck, or kill but, she has no problem with posting pictures of some woman's vagina all up in folks feed. So after her snarky comment that reproductive rights shouldn't be limited to women because people who don't considered themselves to be female have children. I had enough. You can call yourself what you want but only biological females can give birth to children. That female can consider herself male all she wants, but the uterus and ovaries tell otherwise. It is what it is. A woman who lives her life as woman has a much different life than a man that lives his life as a woman with surgery or not.

Anyway after having enough I posted this:

Sometimes I feel like some of you need a hug, cuddle and a good laugh

Some of you seem so so incredible sad and angry over everything. It’s mentally exhausting reading your stuff. I wouldn’t want to be the person trying to make y’all asses happy. I couldn’t measure up to the scrutiny.

That girl immediately unfollowed me. This is not the first time I have made a post like that because she is not the only one who does this. But today I suppose she was feeling a particular sort of way. Folks had begin to get in her ass about her nasty ass posts to people and they were unnecessarily cruel to her, telling her to kill her self and shit like that. It is obvious the girl has mental issues no need to add fuel to the fire. I guess my point of all this is, you can be an activist you can check people but you also need to LIVE. Be got damn happy. People are not all set out to hurt you. Not everyone is going to agree with you and you need to learn to respectfully disagree with one another. Choose your fucking battles. Back away from the damn computer and go pet some kittens are something.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I neglect this poor blogspot

Lets see I don't even remember the last time I blogged here. I spend most of my blogging time on Tumblr which is just over run with spoiled bratty children and pretentious atheist hipsters. I graduated in December and have yet to find a job. It is sort of unbelievable I have never been unemployed for more than 2 weeks. I feel like I am more picky than I normally would be. I feel lost.

This little girl in this picture is my mother's kitten. Her name is Zoe and she is a four legged walking plague. She got Simba sick his mouth was filled with ulcers I thought he was going to die. I was SO upset. Then I found out her ass had ringworms so I had to take her to the vet. It all has been a nightmare. Friday I noticed Simba's eye was weepy I think his eye is scratch probably from fucking around with Zoe. How this little cat whipped his ass I don't know. I have been putting drops in his eyes. I guess I will have to take him to the vet this week if he doesn't improve. I feel like all I have to talk about these days are cats, Lock Up and Fatal Attraction episodes. I stay up at all hours and sleep all day. It's a trifling life.

I kind of miss this place, its more peaceful. Tumblr is full of noise.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Since I am on Tumblr

I forget about this blog spot. I feel bad like I am neglecting it. So I might as well do a little update for those who strictly read this which is probably no one. lol
  1. I graduated from college in December.
  2. I still don't have a job. Looking for work has been more depressing. I am more particular about the the type of work I do now. I have been looking and thus far only had 2 interviews.
  3. I am babysitting my mama's new kitten. I am ready for her to come get miss thang.
  4. I need money.
  5. I love my hubby.