Friday, May 14, 2010

Turned In Last Final Today

I am done! Today I fell off my diet I wanted a DRINK! Me and the hubby went to our Mexican spot and I had 4 margaritas! Yessssssss and they were GOOD. I also had chicken and beef fajitas with charro beans. I also had some cake! I know my husband is going to say something to me about eating the cake but fuck it I deserved it. Now that I am off until June 1 I will be exercising more. After living in this house for 5 years I recently found out we have access to a tennis court so the hubby and I will be taking advantage of that.


Lawd my hair is nappy right now! I have been lazy so I have kind of let my hair go. I have been wearing wigs but it is getting too hot for that so me and the legacy of Madame C.J. Walker are about to get reacquainted. The front of my hair is fairly straight but the back is nappy like Pam. I don't mind naps what I don't like is two hair textures.


My M.I.A video on Born Free has like 18K views..I don't like that... I keep making it private because I am tired of people leaving comments. I wish I could stop comments but let people see what people have already said. A lot of it is a bunch of fuckery but then that is youtube. I am not the best with grammar but damn some people had me scratching my head like WHAT??? Incomplete sentences, terrible spelling, irrational arguing. I haven't read half the comments. One douche said he was disappointed in my cursing, black women have lost their femininity that bitch can eat a hot bowl of dicks.. I could care less what a man thinks about femininity.

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