Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So disgusted

Someone I use to be in the Navy with (I barely remember him) posted an update today that had me livid! I promptly deleted his ass! For the past two weeks he had been posting these foreboding updates that would prompt people to say what is going on? For which he never answers so I was like fuck it drama queen. Today he decided to tell everyone on facebook that his ex girlfriend had an abortion in Knoxville TN. Yes, I should not know any of that. He first starts out with abortion is wrong no matter the circumstances and then spills all the tea!

What got me real bothered was everything was about him not the aborted fetus! It was a bunch of women have no right...He would have done whatever to ensure the baby was all right... He will never forgive her... I could not believe that he would put such an intimate experience as a facebook status. I don't care the hurt! Folks was just like I am sorry but fuck that I am not going to apologize for a woman's right to choose. Some men can't stand the fact that women now have that choice. They can no longer use pregnancy as a means to control women.

I just deleted his ass because I don't want to be associated with people who would post such things....

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  1. What an asshole! I am amazed at the shit people post on FB.