Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thus Far

I would have to agree wholeheartedly that dieting sucks MONKEY gotdam balls! Food is a pleasure for me much like looking at naked bodies are for men. And I am not getting off! I started my diet last Sunday and I am happy to report I have lost 6 pounds! Hooray! I am sure it is just water but let a bitch live for a moment! I have also not done shit this weekend! I read a little bit of a book for class but other than that I have been on the internet looking for ways to update my style. Which is a waste a time because I don't do shit but go to school and come home. No one sees me really. I need to be focused on school work...I think I am just becoming over it. And I have 2 papers I need to right that are quite intensive. Lord help me!

I went to see Precious and my remarks on that deserve a whole blog not just a blurb. On the whole I think I am in good spirits considering that my ass be day dreaming about cakes and cookies. Ain't that just so fat shit??? I don't give a damn its true. If I lose 30lbs. there will be no living with me, do you hear me?!?! I am going to work it do you hear me. I am already improving upon my make yeah.. be prepared.

Sorry this blog is all over the place but fuck that life and the way my mind works.

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