Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am telling you

I am so fat right now. Matter of fact my pants is not buttoned right now. (FAT SHIT) It seems like fat is trying to take over everything. Its affecting my sex life. (I have NO sex drive) I don't even want to get on a scale I probably would faint. I was doing good in the summer with my runs but since school has started I have fell off. I never ever thought I would get this big. So today I have started dieting. It is so hard because I love to eat. Whatever is full of fat and sugar I love it! I am on some fat shit I know!

None of my jeans are shirts fit right. My body has morphed from Beyonce to Tocarra! I can't stand it. Oh and Tocarra with no titties at that. I have big arms now! I never had big arms before. But anyway I am going to stop bitching about it and do it. Its tiring when people complain about shit and don't do nothing about it. Wishing this weight off is not gonna make it so.

Not having sugar is going to kill me ya'll just don't know I have been on some fat shit! Have Starbucks and cake Mon-Thur at school rather than eating some damn food. I am a mess!

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