Monday, August 3, 2009

Wide Awake

And watching pirated episodes of Mad Men on the playstation. This shit is raggedy. I wish I was horny all the time then I could be busy jumping on my husband's magic stick rather than fucking around online. My cypher is broken. I don't feel right. And I have no idea about how to make it better. Me and my husband well mainly me and my friend have been discussing owning our own lounge. I really think we could do it. My husband is not a take charge type of man so I know that I will be have to do the delegating of tasks for shit to get done. We have a lot of ideas but ideas don't get shit done, action does.

The SBA website has a lot of good information to shift through. The shit is so dry though. I want to try and get a part time gig at a lounge so I can know the business better. I believe the 28-40 yo old night life market is virtually ignored for adults. Grown people like to go out too we just don't because we don't want to kick it with a bunch of 18 year olds listening to shitty music. Alot of spots here are all over the place with night, latin night, gay night etc etc to me its all exclusive like if you are not black but like hip/hip urban music its not the place for you. It isn't nothing but passive aggressive segregation. But we will see how it works out. I do tend to bounce from one career idea to another. Maybe this would stick if the people around me keep encouraging me and supporting me.

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