Friday, August 21, 2009


So much has been going on! I think I twitter to much because now I don't bother to blog anymore! Well one of the things I am working on is helping out my friend. She is in DIRE FINANCIAL straits at this moment. I didn't realize how bad it was. I normally don't read too much into when someone says that money is tight. Because shit that is how most my life has been- alright, tight, no extra money, broke, and why am I not homeless? I am part of the working poor it is what it is. But earlier this week she confessed that her husband has not worked since February he has been able to find a job that pays him anything. She doesn't make much. They live in the country so job opportunities are not plentiful and everything has just basically spiraled out of control in the last 2 months. To hear my friend cry and confess she may lose her home just made me sick to my stomach.

To a cancer our home is our castle, it is our sanctuary of peace. To lose our piece of peace is just devastating. I am a full time student I don't have much money. What makes us make it is my husband working if he got sick or lost his job we would be in her position. I can't give her a large amount of money to help her out but what I can do is fund raise for her and that is what I am doing. She doesn't know by the way I am doing this for her. If she knew it she would stop me. I am sorry a closed mouth don't get fed. Your sorry ass husband can't get it together I will help you. Some people fall apart when adversity comes their way, I like to think that is when I am at my toughest. I think what really got me was her feeling of hopelessness and feeling alone that no one can help her. That breaks my heart, that is what slips you into a darkness you can't get out of. My idea to raise money has been baking cakes and charging $25 a cake and I am also taking donations of any amount. I will take a dime its a dime she doesn't have. Since Tuesday I have received $65 so far. I am expecting more donations next week. Pay day is coming!! I make a delicious chocolate cake and I am working on perfecting this honey bun cake..I have some ideas. I would almost make any kind of cake if it is within my skill set.

Besides who doesn't like cake?? If you don't you dark sided. I loved to baked but didn't for a while because I was single and a single woman don't need a whole cake in their house. I like to bake for people and give it away. I hope the money I raise will at least help a little bit. My husband and I gave her $125 which isn't much but shit its something. I have never fund raised before so I am doing this all off cuff. It does touch me though that people are helping me with this project. I know good and well that no one has to do shit for you in this life. We can be coldblooded beings consumed with our own personal dramas and we don't notice that the person next to us is drowning. Then once you gone its all these revelations. Fuck that help people when they are around and can appreciate your helping hand.

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