Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When I Watch Coverage on Health Care Reform

And they show footage of angry mobs of WHITE MEN and WOMEN screaming at the top of their lungs that Obama is trying to kill their grandmother. I can't help but see white people who DO NOT want this black man to succeed. Fuck what is best for our country this nigger has got to fail. To me when they say, "Obama is a socialist" what they are really saying is "Obama is a NIGGER". Its a code phrase and it aggravates me to no end. These people are the same crack pots that were following McCain screaming socialism but #1 they couldn't spell it nor explain it. I really hope these crazy people don't win. When Hillary tried to push through reform it was white business men and powerful lobbyist that put a stop to that. They never accused her of trying to kill white down syndrome babies. She was just a woman that didn't know her place, same thing but the overtone about Obama much scarier. You never felt that hateful rhetoric was going to rile someone up so that a crazy would try and assassinate her. They just put her in her place and she went to baking cookies and visiting countries.

Most of their complaints are dense. "We don't want the government deciding what kind of health care we need!!!" You dumb ignorant bitch. Private insurance companies already do that. Where the fuck have you been? Have you ever been sick? They decide what they want to pay for. They decide who gets coverage.They have caps. When I left my job I was given a letter that I was told I must keep that says I had no pre-exisiting conditions, so that when I go to a new job I will be able to give covered. If I lose that shit, I am going to be in trouble. Obama's administration is not trying to socialize medicine what they are trying to do is make it better but the crazy ass, no reading, militant ass, crazy white boys and their breeders are trying to sabotage it by spreading lies. They are just coming off as rabid dogs. A true definition of a 'hater'.

Regulation is the only way to get these changes like it or not. Free market principles can not work for everything. It is not a fix it all. Capitalism is not a catch all. I would like to see regulation that prevents private insurance from dropping coverage for sick people or people with pre-existing health issues. I would like to see affordable insurance offered to people who work part-time and their job does not offer, insurance for those who lose or quit their job. When you lose your job and all you have is 2 weeks pay coming at you. COBRA is too damn high! IF we could get 2 of those things it would be a vast improvement. Also, the Obama plan wants to give insurance companies 5 years to comply. That shit need to be cut down to 3.

Anyway, I just felt I had to speak on that. I am always willing to listen to rational people discuss issues but once you get emotional about it and don't stick to the facts or offer a solution to fix it. I can't give you any ear time. Sorry.

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