Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of It

I feel out of it! My father-in-law and his new wife have been here since the 15th of May. I am over it. I am not use to entertaining people for this long. Every day there has to be something to do and I am not use to living my life that way. We went to New Orleans for about 4 days it was nice. I haven't been in years so it was different to come to the city as a married woman and not a 20 year old girl. I wish I had that 20 year old body. I am so fat. It has been hard to admit it but I am. I just try to ignore it but when I see pictures of my chunky face and big arms. Its all there. Since the relatives have been here we have literally drink every day. This was the first day where I have not had one taste of alcohol. This is not normal for me!

I am ready to go back to my routine. They are nice well the father-in law is. His wife is another matter. She is nice and means well. She has issues with Muslims she made some comments that was like whaaaaaaat?? I can tell she loves her husband. But she is a party pooper, a negative nancy. She doesn't like anything we pick to eat. She makes comments when we are drinking having a good time. She is just difficult we don't even ask her input anymore. If she doesn't like what we pick to eat. Than just starve bitch, its too much. All this time with the husband has also been an adjustment. I am a shitty wife. I know it. My husband likes a lot of affection and romance and I am just not feeling it. At all. It seems as though as soon as I got married I changed. I picked up weight the affection came to a slow down. It is what we argue about most. I don't know what happened. If I was horny like everyday my marriage would be a piece of cake. Maybe marriage is not for me. Maybe I have been a lone wolf so long being a couple throws me the fuck off. ARGH. If he cheats or wants to leave the relationship. I won't even be surprised. That's sad to say. But it is truthful. I am crazy. I know it.

I took alot of pictures of my trip I will try and post them later. We went to a plantation in Louisiana I learned a bit about creoles. Since I am a history nutt that was right up my alley. What was strange was slaves were like a passing thought. We could not be in the main house unattended but the slave house is where the tour ended and we had full range of that shack. It was strange.

Oh BTW-I got my Spring grades I got all A's. Still a 4.0 student...that doesn't proofread her blogs! Trifling.

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