Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I am slipping

I usually blog way more than this. I am still getting use to blogger. I have been connecting with a few of my Navy pals from the past on Facebook. It is so good to laugh with them about the good old days. Damn I was fine back in the day! I am working on that..a little bit. Anyways, some people that have sent me a friend request I don't even know who they are! Claiming they were good friends with so and so. And? What does that have to do with me?? I know that they just want to be nosey. Well that is their right, they can just do it somewhere else. I saw one picture of this ho white girl who referred to me as "that black girl" ain't that something. White women get just as mad when they see their men checking for the brown sugar trust. They are just not as vocal about it.

I have been having this spasm in my right eye. I think it is from looking at a computer screen too much. I need to back away off of this bitch. All in all I would just say that I am happy right now and I am acknowledging it. Too many times I pop up when shit is negative but at this minute I am fine, happy, content oh and bloated. Got damn period! See.

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