Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tomorrow I take my last final

Yes! I don't think that I will have all A's this semester. I know that I have not applied myself as much. Maybe with working and going to school I was on a tighter shift and had to hold it together. But we will see. I never thought I would have all A's on previous semesters. As I have said my father-in-law and new wife will be in Saturday. I think I have been too busy to be nervous. I have never met him before! I have felt like being alone lately. I need silent time, I don't think my husband gets that. I aggravate him and alienate him I believe. I don't mean to...

I just read Push by Sapphire. I loved it! Its like a ghetto Color Purple with a foul mouth 16 yo. Very good. I plan on blogging about it more. Well I think I better sign off. I am on the laptop in the bedroom and I know my husband will be wanting to come to bed. He does not know about this blog...shit alot of people don't.

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