Sunday, February 13, 2011

Since I am on Tumblr

I forget about this blog spot. I feel bad like I am neglecting it. So I might as well do a little update for those who strictly read this which is probably no one. lol
  1. I graduated from college in December.
  2. I still don't have a job. Looking for work has been more depressing. I am more particular about the the type of work I do now. I have been looking and thus far only had 2 interviews.
  3. I am babysitting my mama's new kitten. I am ready for her to come get miss thang.
  4. I need money.
  5. I love my hubby.


  1. Congrats on aren't going to teach? Or are you teaching and jobs are hard to find? Please don't tell me this as I am planning to come back home this summer and am concerned about the job market....

    On another note...I keep hearing about tumblr....but what makes it better than blog-spot in your opinion? I've been checking it out...but I get overwhelmed when I have too may places to

  2. Hey girl. I have to get certified to teach. My degree is in History and not Education. I wish I knew more people who were in the field to sort of mentor me I am clueless. I am sure a woman with your credentials would not have any problems! I really don't have any marketable skills I suppose.

    Tumblr is alright it is more popular but like I said in my new post it is filled with pretentious children and over zealous feminists. Most people don't write, they just reblog other people's pictures or posts.