Tuesday, November 2, 2010

People Are Pissed

That the Democrats lost control of the House. Well, when they had the majority they didn't do much with it. They punked out A LOT. We could have a public option with our healthcare. If he Dems would have had some BALLS. You can't just vote and that is that. You have to hold your government representatives accountable. That means writing letters calling their office. NOT getting on facebook and twitter and bitching. Believe it or not they respond to letters. Too often if you are lets say a Democrat and your representative is a Republican you never write them. Write them! Make them know that you exist. A lot of people in Congress are clowns who get away with MURDER. They don't have a platform they just spit out rhetoric promulgated by the party. Both sides are full of shit, they say what they have to, and they play on ignorance of the masses.

Anyway, I am tired Theraflu is kicking in righteously

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