Thursday, June 10, 2010


PMDD is premenstrual dysphoric disorder which is a disorder where you have wild mood swings prior to the start of your period. I am not talking about extra bitchiness, I mean depression, binge eating, disinterest in relationships or life, crying, and basic all out crazy woman shit. I have never been diagnosed by a professional but I think I have this shit! I have been journaling and I notice I get very depressed, disinterested and crazy around the time of the month. I want to lock myself up in a room and cry, not talk to anyone and binge on sweets. Usually on day 2 of my period those extreme feelings go away but sometimes its the whole damn duration.

Like right now I recognize that I am feeling off, I don't want to talk to anyone and I don't feel like pretending to be happy. Earlier I went to get some Shepherd's pie and I was like DAMN IT where is all of it? And I started to feel anger. I was like my husband probably took some extra to share with his co-workers and I got mad! LOL I don't know if that is the case or not but when I caught myself in the reflection of the microwave my ass looked ready to kill! LOL I can laugh at it now but at the time I was like this is some crazy shit! I can even tell on here when I was on my period by my damn posts. When I am extra critical on myself and sad its because my period is about to start or has just barely started!

Here is some information I found online..I have all of these symptons! Oh lord... wait, can I get Ambien for this?

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