Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eli Roth is a DOUCHBAG!

Ms. Eli thought it would be chivalrous to post a blog/open letter to the mother of the guy who leaked naked pictures of his skanky new girlfriend.(On Myspace of all places..I guess he figured no one would read it) He basically puts the guy's family personal information out there so that his fans can harass them. He calls the woman a bad evil mother who raised a demon basically. I would agree that the guy is fair game he threw the first novela slap but come on son the MAMA??

How in the fuck is this helping Ms. Peaches. He comes off just as immature as the boy that linked the pictures. What the fuck does his mama have to do with this?? To me that is some bitchass shit! All you are showing us is that Ms. Peaches has terrible taste in men. She apparently has a hard on for men with the mental maturity of a 12 year old. If I was the leaker guy I would be waiting outside Ms. Eli's house with a taser and a super soaker full of piss for daring to come after my mom for some shit I did.

Ms. Eli claimed the guy caused hurt to Ms. Peaches career. Bitch please! Rule #1 NEVER EVER let some dude take naked pictures of you!!! If you do roll with the consequences. She wasn't worried about her future when she got high with that boy and got buck ass naked! Come on now.

A real grown woman would have owned up to that shit and said yes I did it. It was stupid but you live and learn. Neutralize that shit. Be a woman about it. The fact of the matter is people had forgot about that ho and her ho pictures because she isn't anybody. And here he comes like a douchbag from hell bringing more attention to the matter. She is a girl from a rich family that has not done anything substantial but do some ho shit like said pictures. She don't need your so called chivalry.

Ms. Eli need to get it together he to old to play on the playground like this!

I am sorry the grammar is probably a mess but I am in a hurry I just had to get this out.

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