Sunday, March 28, 2010

Window Seat

I still don't know what to make of this video... With so many female artists getting naked for the sake of being naked not sure if this was the time for this particular video. I don't think that is why she made it at all but still its getting lumped in with that Gaga mess and they are not even the same. She is a bit more of a sophisticated artist than that... I guess the comments I have seen about the video ruins it for me.

Seems like people are stuck on the size of her ass and everything else falls to the wayside. Although there is nothing sexual about the video at all men seem to be fixated on her ass. Men are so stupid.



  1. Unfortunately, guys are visual beings. I'm excited about her new album and I hope it will get better reviews than the last one. Anyway, I wish I had her body after 3 kids though. LOL

  2. I loved her last album. I jam it on the regular. I am feeling Return of the Ankh too. It is more mellow and jazzy.

    All the controversy from the video has reinforced that their is a double standard about black women nudity. Her video is basically a remix of a white duo doing the same thing. No one made a fuss over it. Matter of fact I never heard of it until I saw the video on youtube.