Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call me Pookie from New Jack

I haven't had any sweets or anything made from flour since Thursday. Oh! And let me not forget coffee! I have not tasted the Starbucks since Thursday too how many days has it been??? My last sweet beverage was a mocha frappacino. I am craving like a mug. This is hard but I need to do something. I was engaging in some very negative behavior regarding food and I need to stop. It is affecting everything. It is some very fat shit to be eating honey sandwiches at 2 in the morning! I was going through loafs of bread even my husband started giving me the side eye. Lord.

Actually I was binging. That is more accurate without the purging but who knows that shit might be next if I don't get it together. I was never a skinny girl always curvy but it was cute curvy this right here is something else. I would never publicly say how much I weigh because that varies based on body shape and bone structure. For instance my husband looks skinny but I have seen people that are his same height and weight and they look normal. He has a delicate bone structure. Me on the other hand I carry my weight better but it is getting out of hand. Next thing I know I will be having a booty do.

So anyway I pray I can stay away from the darksided food that is making my booty spread.

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