Friday, March 19, 2010

The Stans of Gaga

Are muthafucking crazy!

While I recognize and understand the appeal of her she does not feed me nor give me life. She is just whatever to me, I think I liked her better when she knew her position. The Gaga fans they are some beasts! I think they love to exclaim how good and artsy she is because she provokes strong opinion. (Like me writing this stupid ass blog) I thought the Beyonce Stans were terrible. On the internet folks was getting wet in the pannies for the Beyonce/Gaga video collabo. And I yawned. So Telephone came out and a couple people in my youtube subscription made videos about this video so I was like let me see what the hype is about. This is suppose to be the next Thriller so her (coven of misfits says) Anyways... It was straight booty.

While I understand cult films hey I am miss blacxpoltation. But in order for it to come off artistically and be relevant in a video the song has to relate in some way to the visuals you are trying to bring to the table. I get wacky. I am wacky but that shit was booty. How can you have murder and mayhem in a video but your song is a pop song talking about somebody blowing up your phone while you in the club? What girl?? I can't. Some would say that is the genius of it and I would still say STFU. Go watch Ms. Bjork honey she gets it. They misused the honey bun and pussy wagon! How dare they! I have become numb to women dancing in pannies and heels so I was whatever about that. You just telling me that is all you got for right now. Do you honey. You seen one bitch shake it you have seen them all.

I can't believe the director Jonas Ackerlund did this wack ass shit. Normally he is very on it with disturbing presentations of women in a non-traditional aggressive ways. (See Smack My Bitch Up) In regards to Telephone he failed. Stans don't see this though everything is 'hating' or you are being 'old-fashioned' chile please. I really don't give a damn. If it don't fit you must acquit. The video could of been hot with the proper song. It wasn't artsy what she did it was cheap. Payless shoes cheap. It wasn't epic and the only people that liked it were the people who really dig her. She did not pick up any new people with that mess. That is why it will never be a Thriller. None of these women who are popular now will ever touch what Michael had so whomever said Telephone was the new Thriller need to get their ass kicked. It was late honey and I am sticking to that.

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