Monday, September 21, 2009

My My My

School is going OK I suppose. I have a lot of papers I have to write and I am apprehensive about it. I am not confident in my writings. I know I don't write terribly but academic/scholarly writing is another level. I want to do well. I have been getting all A's since returning to school and a C in something is just not acceptable. Proof-reading is my downfall. I miss things. I give some things to my husband to look over and he doesn't catch everything. I think I had a bad experience in an English class a few years ago and I am shook for life. LOL Ole mean as bastard.

I found out that one of my ex's is getting married and knocked a woman up. They haven't even been dating that long!! It is just weird to see boyfriends from my youth from where I am now in life. I still see them as weak ass fuck ups and they probably still see me as 'the crazy bitch'.

I never thought I would find a husband who is as sweet and caring as he is. I love my husband to death. Nothing makes me feel better than crawling into bed with him. He tries so hard and I am so STIFF BITCH. He is my best friend and trust it isn't lovely all the time but there is no one else I would rather be with. Even though when I married him I got fat. It is harder than a mug to get these 15lbs off-- let me stop 20lbs off. I lose 10 and then bam! Its on me again. Lord why do I love food so much and exercise so little.

I have a friend going through a break up and I am sorry I feel no sympathy for her. I don't have the patience to hand hold a grown ass woman anymore. You break up you move on. Maybe I am more hard core because I have always been in survivor mode. One monkey don't stop no show! You have to keep at it. I would be crushed if my marriage ended but I would not waste energy in trying to sabotage his life. When you break up with someone you should exit stage right with as much dignity as possible. Being a common bitch about something you have no control over is a waste! He don't want you let him go. I really don't even want to fool with her anymore. We are on different levels.

I guess that is enough babbling for now. I wonder does anybody even read this shit!

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