Saturday, September 26, 2009

Had a dream

That was disturbing about this certain person. It was not sexual in any way but I think it represented what always irked me about him. I had no emotional control or influence over him and therefore he did as he liked and all I could do was get mad and stew.

I had a dream that he kept throwing a glass and hitting my car and I was yelling at him. As I kept walking closer to him I noticed he had this happy look on his face. I could tell by his eyes he was pissed but his demeanor was nonchalant like he wasn't throwing shit at my car. I began to get afraid as I was confused by his actions like why is he attacking my shit with a smile on his face. I could see the class he was throwing was one of mine and it had a kool aid stain at the bottom so then I remembered that I had previously thrown that glass at him and he was now throwing it back at me when I least expected it and then I really got pissed and started cursing him out.I knew I could'nt physically fight him because he was stronger than me and more fit. I woke myself up from that shit.

Isn't that a crazy dream?? I felt dream raped or something.

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