Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stop it!

There is one thing I can't stand and that is a man who is gay and tries to over compensate for what he feels is a shortcoming and perpetrate a sexist heterosexual dog role! The man in the mirror is screaming "I AM A BOTTOM!!" You are not fooling anyone! I don't believe in outing people I believe it is tacky but sometimes, I want to be a basic woman and ring the alarm on this fool. Its a tell darling when all you do is hollar about pussy, what a woman should dress like or how she should have her hair styled, and how many bitches want to fuck you. Straight men don't do that darling because a straight man knows that if you publicly disrespect women in that manner your chances of getting pussy as you say is next to none. Stop it. Just keep your mouth shut!

A true heterosexual dog who is all about the pussy conceals that from women that is why we call them dogs. Only a dumb ass man would put it out there like that. There is a thin line between a straight man pretending he getting laid and a gay black man pretending he straight when it is obvious that you are dirty bottom! Please just stop it. You have crossed that line you not fooling anyone. You are too extra with it. Tone it down! Its embarrassing! I hope he is not fooling any women with that farce! If so, it is tragic. From even looking at his pictures he just screams gay man to me. I hope all his talk about pussy and bitches begging to fuck him is just internet talk and he signs off and gets in bed with his lover and do what it do.

And the way he goes on about Jay Z!! He would so suck him off to get on a mix tape. He would let him put it anywhere. He a dirty ho. Beyonce better watch her man! He is a mess!

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