Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Time Sake

From reading my journal from middle school, I find I was bitchy, self-involved, funny, way to obsessed with Prince and incoherent. My handwriting was so hard to read all tight and loopy. This thing needs to burn. Good lord. Reading some of the entries make me want to vomit. LOL The infantile me is loud and clear. I roll my eyes at this little girl yet I am still interested in what she has to say. I am her and she is me. Maybe this is why when I start to have kids the thought of having a girl scares me.

Here are some of the entries that made me laugh:

"Today in computer this boy who I think is cute named ***** talked to me, which I thought was nice. He asked me could he sit in my seat. I said NO and he keep trying to put a sweet face on me."


"I wish I had a boyfriend. A CUTE ONE!!!! PS I saw a fight"

" But YOU SHOULD have seen ***** if you did your eyes would have fell out he had on a black turtle neck with some Guess on. He looked good Oh I wish I could go with him."

" I can't stand ****** she keep talking shit she is going to make me go off on her ass"

"Prince is so fine I would love to marry him and do almost everything to please him" (I think I threw up in my mouth as I typed that)

" I got my letter back from Prince that I sent it said return to sender."

"***** told me that J.D said I started my period in C.C.D. I wasn't mad but if one more person ask me that I'm gonna go off on J.D cause he don't know what the fuck he is talking about."

" I made my confirmation it was O.K. The Bishop said my saint name was his mama's name"

" I could have kissed ******"

"My mama is getting on my fucking nerves shit. She is busting in here when I am changing without knocking and I told her she need to knock. Then she go say well change in the bath. I said it's my room I should be able to change if I want in my own room. She just gets on my nerves."

"Mama could have went out but as usual she fucked up my night."

"I got to watch 9 1/2 weeks ohh that movie is good."

Oh dear that is about all I can stomach of myself. I was a straight up fast, think she smart bitch. LOL

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