Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new place to lay my head

I decided that needed a new place to lay my head. Perhaps moving my blog from myspace to here will provide new inspiration for me. I have been journaling since middle school and in recent years I have taken some personal thoughts and made them public. To be honest I rarely get much feedback from the random thoughts I do happen to publish and yet I still feel the need to continue to do so publicly.Am a ho with goods no one wants to buy? lol As I read this it sounds as if I am a very serious person and I am not. I wish I was. Maybe I just have all this pressure to start this shit out hot and I got nothing. Perhaps this is the perfect example of when you have nothing to say you should just shut your mouth. Maybe someone will irritate me before the day is over and give me some inspiration. I remember one guy I use to work with said, "You get pissed off when the wind blows." He may have been on to something.

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