Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm so stressed

I have been looking for work since January. This year has just sucked but I hate to say that out loud as something worst might happen. I am starting to get student loan payment requests and it makes me break out in a sweat. I owe so much money! Between the loans I had left over from my associates and completing my bachelors. I need 2 damn jobs! I have only had about 4 sit down interviews and all were disappointing. I am trying not to get so sad about it.

I want to flee the country and never come back...


  1. Keep your head up baby girl. I think the economy is on the upswing since we have an election year coming up. I feel you about the student loans though. I just graduated in December and I got my letter from Auntie Sallie last week. I owe 45k in student loans. Hell I only make 41.2K a year. LOL

  2. Well I don't owe that much but I'm right behind you! I make zero dollars. I hate that all my husband's pay check goes to bills. I have been humping everyday. I might flee the damn country!